Painted by words

Photo by Marcin Piotr Oleksa 

Hi there, 
It's nice to see you. Welcome to my world painted by words. Sit down, please, and feel yourself at home. There's no need to hurry. Just sit, relax and spend some time with me. It's nice not to be lonely...
Coffee? You know, my coffee time is my "holy time". I like my coffee in a nice cup. I hate paper mugs or plastic cups. Coffee tastes completely different in a nice, porcelain cup; with a bit of creamy milk and spices - a pinch of cardamon, cinnamon and ginger. Nice, isn't it? Such coffee and a piece of home made cake - and I can say: "I'm in heaven!" Why don't you join me with your coffee or tea? 
So... my "holy time"; some minutes of peace and quiet before I come back to the world of rush - to my work, my duties and people who surround me. 
Words... they are very important in my life. They create my world and I use them to describe it. There is no word to ignore; each of them is important and unique. "Love", "Anger", "Patience", "Rush", "A man", "A woman", "Hope", "Relationship", "Children", "Feelings", "Emotions". I'm going to write about each of them. I am in my words. They are to lead me. I use them to weave a colourful patchwork, describing life. So, stay with me and follow this incredible pattern full of magic letters. 
All the best to you, my friend. 
Monika A. Oleksa 

Photo by Marcin Piotr Oleksa 


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