Every picture tells a story

Fot. Marcin Piotr Oleksa 

"Every picture tells a story", says one of English proverbs. That is undoubtedly true, but I would go further saying that every human's face tells a story, as well as every single man has their own history written deeply in their hearts. Human's life is the most incredible story we could ever imagine. No scriptwriter would be able to tell it better, and no director would make a better film. Even someone who seems to lead the dullest and the most mundane life, is in fact worth being focused on, because we never know what is hidden deeply inside. 
That is why we should respect people, remembering that everyone is unique, and that all that glitters is not gold. We are different and this is the most fascinating thing about people. 

Fot. Michał Andrzej Oleksa 

Don't judge a book by its cover means don't judge people by their appearance. And don't make a judgement before you understand someone's intentions. 
We, as people, are very willing to criticize others and create illusions that our own ways of lives are better. And even if we are not satisfied with our lifestyle, and we do feel that something is missing, very often we distract attention from ourselves, paying too much of it to those who we are eager to judge. Because it's simplier. It doesn't need an effort. That is not my life which is to be improved. I don't need any changes, particularly in myself. Others need, not me. This is what we think. And this way we cheat and hurt ourselves. 

Fot. Marcin Piotr Oleksa 

Every picture tells a story. Quite soon such a story will be told in our living rooms, at the Christmas table. During those very special days - Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, we will meet our relatives and the closest family members. Sitting at the table and tasting various Christmas dishes, we will be sharing special moments together. 
What does your picture show? Individuals leading separate lives and joined together only by the same surname or place of living, or people who are always there for one another, being able to forgive weaknesses and mistakes, no matter how much their consequences have hurt them? Will you be able to fix all the knots that block you or will you let bad emotions lead you? What kind of story are you going to tell this year, waiting for Christmas to come? 
I wish you really magic time and the most beautiful picture you have ever had, drawn by your life together with those who are an integral part of your life. Love and peace to all of you for Christmas....
Monika A. Oleksa 

Fot. Marcin Piotr Oleksa 


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